The Circle of Poor Judgment is a growing assemblage of male over-achievers and do-gooders with a deep and abiding desire to question nothing and unbending commitment to taking their rightful place on the less enlightened end of the sapien spectrum.

As defenders of the right to be wrong, our aim is simple: Find and assemble others that are chronic poor judgment do-gooders and bring them together in a fun loving supportive group. In the circle we Question Nothing nor do we make you feel bad unless we so choose. We are a support group for those that choose the lifestyle of "Just the right about of wrong is right" Together we are the popular and chosen Circle  Of   Poor Judgment. And so our Founding Fathers spent days, if not almost a week, devising an inherently flawed strategy to gather these special men.

COPJ makes it easy for members to take their perfectly respectable lives and profoundly rile ‘em up by sharing, lauding and lambasting tales of misadventures, and embarking on the unchecked accumulation of material goods.

Ponder away. Then ponder some more as to why you didn't take a cognitive laxative sooner in your lifetime. (Allow this final turn of phrase sit with you a while. Give it a moment. Enjoy the tingle.)